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hey, i am currently 5 weeks pregnant after having a DnC for a blighted ovum just over 6 weeks ago. Apparently i fell pregnant almost straight after the procedure.  ive heard its the best time to fall preg because everything has been cleaned out and its nice and fresh.  im a little paranoid about it because of my history with miscarriages and the blighted ovum. im only 22 years old =(
im currently having symptoms which is a good sign, i get small amounts of Morning sickness (every now and then) my nipples are sore and they have gone darker with the middle part being a red colour, im eating alot more and peeing every 2 hours almost, im exhausted and i also have lower back pain. not really bad, just uncomfortable. i dont get to see a OB until 3 weeks so im paranoid. im hopin maybe my GP will take another set of bloods to make sure my levels have more then doubled from 84 seeings though i had them a week ago.

if anyone could shed some light on any of this that would be really great.  i just want to make sure everything is going the way it should.
i dont have any bleeding or cramping. just every now and then a slight weird sensation in lower belly but no pain what so ever.

Thank you =)
Best wishes to you all.


just relax dont worry about it. in some cases stress in the early weeks even b4 you know that you are pg can cause a miscarriage . stress is not good for the baby or for you . just relax think about something else for now and when the time is right you will know . 


Thanks for the reply =)
im more looking at the happier things in it atm so i guess thats good....
im keeping all stress out of my life right now =)