Has anyone else in the recent years (between 2010 and 2013) had issues conceiving after the  Mirena IUD. DH and i have been trying since 2011 . I had my IUD removed in 2010 after having it in for one year exactly. I got AF a week after having it removed. Though I was told it would take approx. three months for it to regulate again. Well I have had a period every month since having it removed, except one month where I had two in a month (2011) and missed one month completely (2012) I have read several forums and horror stories of people getting pregnant after Mirena and subsequently having MC . I am very scared at this point as my husband and I have been trying and NO LUCK to speak of. He has had a full work up and is well and his little boys are on the go! Meaning he is good. I also had a full work up before getting preggers in 2008 and was told I was fine .I should also mention we have two healthy children both conceived before IUD 1/18/2008 and 1/17/2009  Ity took us two years to get pregnant with out daughter in 2008 and our son was a HUGE surprise,,,,,,,,finding out i was pregnant with him while she was only four months or so old. I am just looking for support here...someone else to talk to ....IS ANYBODY OUT THERE!!!!