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Hello!  I am new to the forum and would like to see if anyone could be of service to me? I am a diabete type 2 patient, and I am overweight by about 75 pounds.  I am eating 2 carb units at breakfast, 3-4 at lunch, and 3-4 at dinner.  I want to start exercising but I don't know what workout would work best for me?  I haven't done an exercise program since I was in high school so this will be a big deal for me.  Is there exercises that I shouldn't be doing that would be bad since I am a diabetic? 


So glad to hear the you want to engage in a workout activity!  Any workout that is easy on your joints would be a great way to control your blood sugar.  Walking is the best workout you can do.  Choose supportive shoes if you do partake in this type of exercise.  Start slow and work your way up.  No need to get gung ho and end up becoming injured.  Another great way to work off that weight and control your blood sugar is swimming.  The water makes you buoyant and you don't have the stress on your joints.  You don't even have to do the breaststroke in the water or know how to swim at all.  You can move through the water and let the resistance of the water provide a workout for you.  It can be fatiguing to try to walk fast through 4 feet of water!  If you enjoy other activities such as tennis or basketball, that is great!  If you have kids, you can play kickball or hoolahoops!  The best thing about picking out an activity to do is to make sure it is FUN! You are more apt to stick with it!