ok so heres my story...me and my boyfriend for over a year have had sex of course. well recently my mom found out and put me on the pill so we took the risk and went skins (no condom)...well up until 2 periods ago nothing has happened. the first thing that happend was instead of having a normal period i was spotting. i took a test and it was negative....well this time i got my period wayyy early i got it the 8 of feb. instead of the 23 and we had un protected sex 4 days after and he didnt pull out and the day after that i started bleeding. it wasnt alot but it was there. well now its 2 days after the sex and im still bleeding...at first it was pinkish and now its brown and has like tissue in it. and my boobs kinda hurt and they say that that is a sign of pregnancy...pls help me i dont know what to do. im not ready to be a mom im only 16 and a sophomore in highschool.....pls pls pls i need answers