So my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on April 7th (2 days ago). He pulled out very quickly because he was concerned that he was right about to finish. His other concern was that there was the possibility that a small amount of semen did come inside me. Unfortunately according to my ovulation calculator I was supposed to be ovulating April 3-8. My last period started March 25, and my next one is due April 21. Normally he and I do not just use the withdrawal method; we use condoms, but this just happened to be a very spur of the moment type thing. I did not take the morning after pill. Does anyone know what the chances are that I could get pregnant from this scenario? I've been trying to read up on anything and everything about this, but it leaves me confused as there are so many differing opinions and every woman and pregnancy is different.

I didn't notice any cervical mucus on April 8, so could that be a sign that I could be pregnant and implantation already occurred? Some sites I've looked up say implantation takes a lot longer than that, others say it can be practically instantaneous, so I'm not sure what to think. I know that it is impossible to know anything as of now, but I just wanted to hear anyone's thoughts or stories if anything similar happened with them.

Thank you! Much appreciated!