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Hello, I'm 16, I had unprotected sex one day before my period was due.
My period came the next day (on time, as usual). But I think I could be pregnant?
I'm showing alot of pregnancy signs..
Like, I'm feeling sick most of the time, my boobs feel bigger and heavier, im a little consipated, and although my period stopped a couple of days ago, I'm still having stomach cramps. I also feel wiped out all of the time.

Any help would be grateful :-)


i'm pretty sure you're fine.

period symptos don't really go away JUST when your period ends, and all of those are also caused from periods.

plus, i seriously doubt you could be having stomach cramps from being pregnant already. sperm can last inside your vagina for up to 5 days as they try to find an egg. so you have a good week before, if even then, you'd be showing signs.

don't worry about it. just keep an eye on it for the next few weeks and then get worried if you skip your next period, but i'd just relax.


Why would you think you are pregnant? You got your period, and the symptoms you have are normal during menstruation and a few days before and after