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many people experience pain,but rarely you would experience a chronic(that last longer than 2-3 weeks) pain. So what to do than,the pain is so strong and you wanna scream for help,but if your results is normal and your tissues dont look out of normal,mostly doctors dont even come across patients with this kind of problem! For me it was social brake down,i couldnt take care of nothing with this pain present!

so i gave myself into a research and found out what is out there to stop this pain from ever coming back and i did it all by myself and this internet!

(ill just spill it here and dont expect nothing in return, than just reply that there is no more pain while urinating,walking,sitting...)

so first you have to read about interstitial cystitis and what is it!

after that its very important to start boosting your weak immune system so your body could do all the work!

its so simple and you will not believe it,only process of healing will take like a month or longer with food supplements!

supplements:colostrum from new zeland


                     alkaline drops

anyway if you would like to know more about this,just text me back and I am here willing to help you with whatever i can think of.

p.s.this kind of weird pain any woman or man,even a child could experience,its very rare and most doctors dont know about it,there is a medicine out there for this and its only to cover up your symptoms....


Hi Mamalove, 

i think i have IC, unfortuntately, since 6 weeks the pain and burning in the UT doesn´t go away, and is getting worse. I would love to know more about the things you were saying before. 

I hope you really want to help people and not only to sell pills. 

Kind Regards



Hi Mamalove, i must say sorry to you i have seen you´re profile and you don´t seem like you only want to only sell something. I´m sorry but i´ve had bad experiences with health forums before. Hope you can forgive me;)



hi! i would be glad and happy to help you take away that pain that once i had myself and thought,im done,nothing will help me! whatever doctors gave me it just covered my symptoms and i had this chronic inflamation in my blader! sorry on gramar,but im trying to hurry so this gets to you and i can lead u to your brake free- no pain !
i also know that sexual life is not possible with this kind of pain!also i dont work for company that makes this vitamine supplements that i used, and i would b here if i didnt experience something so major in my life,i thought its over with me even sitting or not to talk about having bf! if you would like my personal assistance so you could faster get rid of this pain just email me and i dont need nothing in return,just your reply and good news! 

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like this i could help you daily