I was living in Europe for fifteen yerars. I am now living again in the USA. I am a 69 years old male and hve been on and off an ova-lacto vegetarian. I follow a way above average in quality diet with no sugar, no white flour, no transfats, etc......plenty of fresh vegetables, salads, fresh juices, nutraceutical supplements, etc. in other words as healthy as possible

I have been taking allopurinol daily for my gouty arthritis for ten years. When I realize an acute attack is oncoming I take colchosine to arrest this. During these times earlier times I had been taking twice daily 100mg of Nimesulidum. I quit the Nimesulidum three years ago by my new doctor's advice.

The new doctor claimed that the past quantities and long term use of Nimesulidum was extremely toxic and presented danger to me.

I eat meat rarely (my doctor believes I need some quality meat protein once a week in very small quantities) I avoid all purine foods and anything that is not recommended for intake for the gout condition.

However I am suffering my attacks that were once over a year apart to now about three weeks apart.

I must find a way to clear my blood of the uric acid buildup, and wish to have advice regarding my condition vis a vis pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and diet.

Thank you very much.


Peter Magurean