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Hi, I'm 25 years old and currently I am sexually active. I just finished my period a week ago, and right after that I'm feeling a litte bit of itching and I also noticed a strange pinkish discharge coming out of my vagina. What could this be? Is it anything to be worried about? Can anyone help me? Thank you


Any unprotected sex lately? Itching may indicate a std but not necessarily. All of your symptoms could be perfectly normal. Discharge that varies in amounts through out your cycle, pinkish-because of your period that just ended but still some blood present and the itching could be a reaction to condom, or non-cotton panties, or washing detergents, deodorants, etc….

Do you have reason to believe you contracted any of the bacterial infections or maybe just a yeast infection that can be incredibly annoying?

Have you ever seen a gynecologist before?

I can’t say I’m a fan of gynecologist but I suffered some reoccurring yeast infections. I feel much safer after being checked by a doc although I do feel uncomfortable on that chair.