Hey guys, something about me:

I've had a varicocele since I'm 10 and now I'm 26. Well, the Doc always said that it's not so bad and that I can live with it.

The results were, that I had a delayed puberty. I got it with 16!!! That means my voice, hair, growing of the penis etc. began with 16. I got a beard with 18. Now I'm 26 and have still no full beard. It's getting better year after year:-)

Well, there is also the libido. I can have sex but with many problems. I just have to be a little nervous and the result is no erection. Also the morning erection and sexdrive is almost zero. Strange is, that I had been turned on at age of 5 till 13. I'd been jerking off every day 2-10 times. I didn't know what it is. I was just addicted to it.

I had with 22 a Testosterone test and the result was 6 pg/mL(I think it was pg/mL, but not sure anymore). The Doc said to me, that 5 until 15 is good and he said that I am between the numbers and that means everything is ok. I believed it...my mistake.

Other results are, slow muscle building, bone joins and back problems...had already 4 knee operations and every winter a depression...since I'm 15 or so. I sweat the whole day, have concentration problems and always problems with my health.

LOL, sounds everything like to less testosterone.... doesn't it?

I figured out just 3 hours ago by a random, that something like varicocele exist. Well, I knew that my left testicle hurt very often..since I'm 10... that it bothers me when I walk and that there is a small vain ball and that the left verticle hangs vertical... but you know, doc. said it's fine. I've been studying about varicocele for the last 3 hours and asking myself, if it's possible to operate and get the usual testosterone production.

By the way, the left testicle is not smaller. It just hang very low and hurts from time to time. The worst pain is, when I slept with a girl after a long time. Than the vain is thick like the 1/3 testicle and hurts like the hell.

Well, will a operation help me to get the usual testosterone production back and will my libido work better?

Thank you.

(Sorry, I've been speaking english for 4 months. I apologize for all mistakes)