Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) found that veggie burgers and sausages may be as bad as regular meat sausages for the health because the levels of the salt were the same in both types of burgers.

CASH reported that some veggie burgers even had more salt than meat. They found that the saltiest veggie sausage had five times as much salt as five packets of crisps.

Many people believe that going meat-free would be a healthier option. However, the truth is that vegetarian burgers and sausages are as salty as meat equivalent products, some even higher in salt than others.

Certain types of pork sausage contain 0.7 g of salt, which is 25 % less that that contained in the vegetarian option.

Make sure you look for labels when buying burgers and it would be wise to avoid buying food in the streets if your goal is to go healthy.