This only happened to me ONCE and i'm baffled as to why.

I'm 24 yrs old with no health problems at all.

I am Allegic to Almonds.

About 3am I woke up & couldnt sleep, I went downstairs, i had a slice of cake without realising it had almonds in it. I had a reaction to it, toungue itchy and swelling up, throat hurting, painful stomach ache. NORMALLY i feel like c**p for about a week, i'm swollen and my stomach will hurt for afew days so this i was expecting.
I went back to bed, afew hours later i woke up with REALLY ITCHY HANDS!! REALLY BAD!! it lasted about 20-30 minutes. it was a nightmare. My palm, wrist and inbeyween my fingers were UNBEARABLY itchy! it drove me nuts!

This has never happened to me before ever.

what do you think it was? please help!