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I'm a 21 year old woman, I had my beautiful baby boy on April 6th. I had a pretty difficult labor and delivery, and I stayed longer in the recovery room because I had some kind of infection from my umbilical cord (it had something to do with the doc breaking my water early and being in labor for so long - 30 hours). However, once all that was over with I recovered fine. I didn't hurt that long after getting home and I didn't bleed that long either. I had a discharge for a while along with the bleeding but I knew that was normal, but that all stopped by the 4-5th week. But now, out of no where,  I'm getting this etremely thick, clear discharge! I admit, here and there I get a small pain around where my incision was but I thought it was just my body still healing. Now I'm getting a little concerned since I've started having this discharge.

I'd sincerely appreciate any answers as to if this is normal, or should i go to the doc



It is not normal and you need to go back to see your OB/GYN.  Did you have your post c-section appointment already?  If not, you need to discuss this with them.  I never had such discharge after so please make sure you make your appointment even if that is normal for some ladies, it's probably not normal for you.  Get checked out it could ultimately affect your fertility for later on.

Hope this helps