According to the figures by Greater Manchester Police (GMP), out of 1,000 people arrested and drug-tested for violent offenses half tested positive for drugs, while 86% of them were positive for cocaine.

These statistics are significant because they begin to paint a picture of the reasons why people commit violent crimes, which means there is a better chance of preventing them from happening.

However, these are the early stages of collating the figures and only a relatively small amount of offenders have been tested to date.

The apparent link between violence, drugs and alcohol should not be ignored. The survey should also help develop ways to manage the problem.

Additional problem may be the fact that the drug is so often taken in combination with alcohol and it is important to be cautious about making claims that cocaine alone can lead to violent offending.

Investigations also show that it is an individual’s personality and the environment they are drinking or taking drugs in that also play a significant role in determining the likelihood of violent behavior.