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thanks for sharing all the informative and uefull topics here but i need some information about deep vein thrombosis thank you so much for your time ,god bless you all.


Hello FloClaCru,

Deep vein thromosis often involves a weakening of the veins in the calf muscles.  These veins have valves in them.  The valves in these veins are necessary to help return blood from you toes all the way back to your heart.  Sometimes a clot can form around these valves or you may have plaque build up in these veins affecting their ability to stretch and collapse.  Having a proper diet is important to preventing clogged arteries and veins.  Lean meats and fresh veggies and fruits.  Stay away from sugary and greasy foods.  If you already have a problem with your calves, you can exercise them regularly.  If you have trouble standing and walking you can sit in a chair and exercise your legs in place.  Try holding your leg level to chair seat and bend your foot forward.  In other words point with your toes.  Do this for 20 minutes slowly every day and see if that doesn't help with your circulation and muscle strength.