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Hi 14 year old and im overweight. I weight 180 pounds and i want to lose them before next year bacause I want my dress fit good and i want to look good too. I started eating less but its really not helping and i want to lose weight before next year. Can someone help me please


Hi, losing weight isn't easy and requires lot of commitment and dedication, Lot of people try losing weight trough diets but it rarely works. You need to eat healthy and exercise. Combination of these two things will work. Most important thing is to change your eating habits and get atleast half a hour daily exercise. I lost weight by driving bike 10 min a day and joging for 20min, not much right?? Look for a long run, image your goal and strive to it. Check amount of calories you eat, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more protein based food, avoid junk food and eat normal, no diets just avoid sugar and fat. Sometimes you will fail but important thing is to keep woking on it. This is best advice, I or anyone can give you, Ask your parents friends for help, try to watch some motivation videos. Still, after all, whole work is up to you and your determination will decide can you do it or not.