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Hey guys.

What is going on?


Yesterday my Boo was scratching his ear like crazy. Whenever I tried to stop him it didn’t work :/ He continued to scratch his ear and he made a wound. Now he stopped and that is OK, but the wound is something that scares me. I am cleaning my dog ears regularly, but now I want to know how to clean the wound on his ear.

Can I use alcohol or some alcohol product to prevent possible infection?

I just can’t remember who told me that alcohol is the best for this, but is sounds very logical.


Hey. It is probably some bite or something similar. And there is a huge possibility that your dog’s ear is infected because he scratched his ear for a while.  

Well I am not so sure can alcohol be helpful in this situation. Maybe you should try some other antiseptic remedy for this to clean his wound.

Also you will have to visit the vet because it can be something more serious. I know that ear infections can be very frustrating to treat and vets usually respond to ear infections by prescribing drops to fight the infection.

Maybe it is not an infection but I would not recommend you to use alcohol to clean it.



Hey there.

I have to disagree with you Millie – Cat :)

Maybe I am old – fashioned but I believe that medical alcohol is the best solution to prevent some infection in your dog. Of course, it might hurt your dog when you apply this alcohol on his wound, especially if he was scratching himself, but he will be OK after a while.

There is no need to apply alcohol on his ear more than two times a day.

I am sure that this will stop some infection and there is no need to apply some other remedies.


Have a nice day.



Hey three of you. Wow, so many different opinions at one place :) I am really glad to see this. :)

I am a little bit skeptical when it comes to this, when I need to clean any wound (not just ear wound) with alcohol.

I tried once and my dog was crying in pain. Since then - no way that I would do this again.

If you want to buy some products to clean the wound you need to be very careful. Why? Because in almost every product there is isopropyl alcohol and you should never apply it on your dog.



Hey everyone.

His ear is probably infected especially if he was playing outside, in the yard and then scratched his ear. Macerated garlic is always a good option in the combination with an olive oil. Make this and let it rest for two weeks. After this you can use it. It is amazing cure for infections.


You can also use cod liver oil or even the vitamin E oil to get rid of inner or middle ear infection in your dog. You should do next – crush vitamin e capsule and use oil as an ear drop. Two drops are enough per ear.