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I have been taking Adderall for about 4 years now. I initially believed the meds would help me lose weight so I went to the doctor and was prescribed it for ADHD. During the past 4 years, I was also prescribed Xanax and Ambien. A few times I took Valium too.
Anyway, over the past two years I have gained about 50 lbs, have started to avoid being around people including family and friends, and I can't stop feeling like no one else feels the same way I do. Kinda tortured from the inside. Has anyone else experienced this or have similar stories?


Sorry you are having such a rough time, and it looks like no one has responded.

Some people have "idiosyncratic" reactions to meds. Anything a medicine can do, in the wrong person it can do the opposite. Give me one of the phenothiazine family (usually anti-psychotics like thorazine or in tiny doses as tranquilizers, but also the anti-nausea drug compazine) and I will act like I NEED an anti-psychotic. You sound depressed AND anxious. Have you seen anyone to try any antidepressants? Wellbutrin can help with depression, ADHD and weight but is a different class of drugs so should not cause the backwards reaction. For most people, it is a GREAT medicine! Another possibility is you might have developed Anxiety from the stimulants, although that doesn't explain the weight. The only way to stop that is to go off, at minimum lower your dose. If you truly have ADHD, Strattera is a name-brand med for it that is NOT a stimulant and could help, but I'd look into Wellbutrin first. You've got to tell the doctor who prescribed the Adderall, there's got to be something better, it's just a question of what.

If you are having an idiosyncratic reaction, just going off the Adderall should start the process of losing weight. If you have insurance, don't hesitate to see a specialist or get a second opinion, despite your anxiety at doing so! Ask around or google for who people like and provides effective treatment.


I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 7 years old. I am now 19 years old and in college; I've been on Adderall XR 20MG for about a year and a half now. I may be having some similar issues. When I was a kid and I was still un-medicated, I was crazy and active and never bored (Although I did hate school with every ounce of my being because I couldn't pay attention if I tried). However, since I started taking Adderall, my grades have gone up, I'm focused in class, and college, academically speaking, has been good. On the social side of the spectrum though, I've been tempted to chill out in my dorm by myself. I am very indifferent towards meeting new people or pursuing a social life. I have no motivation to work out, I have absolutely no will to hone relationships, and I am utterly trapped in a sedentary lifestyle. I'm not fat or ugly or anything-I'm not socially withdrawn because of anything like that, but it's because all of my motivation is going towards finishing my papers or homework instead of meeting a cute girl. It's tough. I still have a sex drive, but I'm too apathetic to actually break off of my normal routine to go for the gold :o. So in conclusion to my life story, I'd like to say this--In my experience, Adderall has helped my academic life in an amazing way; but it has also absolutely demolished my social life and physical pursuits. I hope we both figure out what's going on.

The best of luck to you.


I have been on Adderal for over one year now, and it's amazing to me
how much it has changed me as a person. At first it was for the
better, after fighting my eating disorder for a couple years, having
multiple root canal visits to my dentist and spending over thousands
of dollars on crowns, I was done. I use to be a very happy go lucky
kind of guy, everyone always told me how to "take your head out of the
clouds". I was a daydreamer for sure, filled with fanatasies and hope
for the future. I didn't have many successful relationships but the
ones I did have were men't more to me because of the strong connection
I shared with them then having tons of friends but no real
connections. Quality over Quantity, I work in sales and never had a
low commission check, one of the best on my team sales was my life and
I LOVED every second of it. For the most part my life was very
comfortable except for my own struggles within myself. Very insecure
about my weight which was always my short coming. Anytime I had a
failed relationship, a failed friendship, a rejection of any kind
wether it was at work, home, or in public I ALWAYS blamed my weight. I
never was obese, but I wasn't the lightest either. 6,1 and about 190
pounds throughout high school, when I turned 21 I was at my biggest
250 pounds and after that was when the bulimia started and I dropped
to about 185 in a year and a half. I reached a breaking point in my
life, aside from a rotting mouth, I began to lose focus at work, I was
unable to concertrate on regular tasks I use to perform easily. It
didn't matter how much I slept I still felt constantly exhausted and
drank energy drinks, soda, and ate a lot of sugar constantly. Nothing
worked, in fact energy drinks, and coffee no matter how much I drank
made me MORE TIRED. So I finally went to my family doctor, and after
explaining my symptoms he put me on 30mg Adderal RX's. I felt like a
new person the first couple months, like I was born again I was so
much more active, energized, focused at work, and full of life. I
finally felt as if they finally made the true happy pill the cure to
all depression. I began to drop pounds like crazy reaching 170 at my

At this time a few life changing events had also occurred in my life,
For the last 3 yrs prior to this I had been in a 3 year relationship
with my ex boyfriend, Yes I am gay btw and we had just split 8 months
prior to me taking Adderall. I had already begun dating someone new
and we were beginning to get serious, I also had moved in with my best
friend of six years, and got promoted at my job to manager. I was on
top of the world, never had I been so happy in my life. But what I
didn't know was what goes up must come down, and it did hard...VERY

Now, I had always been a uptight, anxious, stressed out person. The
Adderal worsened this, not just a bit but a lot! Suddenly 2 months
into taking Adderal I began to get major anxiety towards my new
boyfriend, my job, and my friends at home. It didn't matter what the
situation was it made me anxious and very uncomfotable to be around
anyone! Even my best friends of years. One night I caught my boyfriend
"checking out" another guy at the bar, now I am not sure if he was or
not but at the time drinking alcohol and being on adderal sure made it
seem like he was, and if he was it was the end of the world. I cried,
and beat the c**p out of.... not him but myself. Gave myself a swollen
nose, black eye, and mulitple bruises all over my face. My friends
were horrified and were 2 seconds away from taking me in to a psyc
ward who would blame them? I don't even remember the night. This
became a daily ordeal, anytime I drank even the tiniest amount of
alcohol some kind of drama would come from it. Not hitting myself, but
throwing household items, bullying people, my boyfriend getting most
the brunt, and eventually turning into physical fights. You would
think I would learn my lesson, but I loved to drink, and I loved
Adderal. WIthout telling my doctor I was drinking with my medication
but telling him of my recent psycopathness he began to prescribe me a
train of anti depressants to take alongside the Adderal which made me
WORSE until after about 6 tries he put me on Lamactal which is for
Bipolar disorder and people who get frequent siezures. Who would have
thought I was not only ADD but now BIPOLAR with a mild case of
psycosis. To top it all off he precribed me Klonipin for my anxiety
and sent me on my way.

Fast forward to today, I have no friends, they stuck around as long as
they could but eventually disowned me and didn't want to see the very
sight of me. My boyfriend and I despite the very very very rocky first
few months moved in together once I didn't have friends to live with
anymore. We are now on the path of splitting, he has stuck by me as
long as he can but I get a lot of my anxiety from him believe it or
not. Always wondering if he is cheating on me, going to leave me
alone,....I am always worried. My family has disowned me, my mom can't
stand the very sight of me, and to top it off I am on a final notice
at work one more slip up, angry burst, emotional cry, and I am fired.
Leaving me friendless, homeless, jobless, single and alone.

I have in the last six months lowered my dosage to 15mg imediate relase instead of time release 30mg. It has toned me down a bit, but I still feel anxious, antisocial and very suicidal overdosing or at least failing to do so a couple times. I have tried coming off of it a couple times but everytime I do, my stomach swells up to the point that I look like a pregnant woman, having gone to the emergency room a couple times because of this I have come to find out I am extremely constipated and every laxitive in the world cannot produce a single bowel movement. I work out and have been working out 6 days a week for an hour a day doing heavy weight lifting, lots of cardio, and when I come off the adderal I still gain ten pounds at least within 1 week. So what do I do? go back. I don't want to be a zombie anymore, I don't want to be depressed and suicidal anymore, but at the same time I don't want to gain weight either. What do I do? Help?



Your story sounds all to similar to mine!! Adderall worked as a miracle drug for the first year or so & it helped me battle my bulimia & body dismorphic disorder. I had a million friends, was so thin and have always been pretty. I was even asked to model for a few things & was a big part of the local music scene. And then...I discovered that drinking while taking my adderall was AMAZING. But I started getting psychotic. While messed up, I thought I was being witty & funny to others, but in reality I was being rude & arrogant & making fools of others & myself. Slowly but surely ALL my friends/boyfriends turned against me & couldn't put up with my sh*t anymore. I started compulsive lying And soon ANYTHING for attention (when before adderall I was shy/antisocial/etc). I ended uP beating the c**p out of myself one night too. I smashed a glass mirror and cut my face with a shard of glass & gave myself a black eye. I don't even remember why, I think probably because I wanted to party still and it was 5am and no one else wanted to party anymore. I don't know. I woke up the next day feeling like a retard. But just kept drinking w my med as well (I was also a bartender). Long story short I lost my job, ended up getting kicked out of college, lost all my friends & burned all my last bridges. My final attempt to gain attention was a suicide attempt & overdose on Valium. It definitely gained everyone's attention for a weeks after a 2 week treatment program but came back at me when I came out of rehab doing the same sh*t again. I finally just had to move out of state & away. I was hoping my addiction wouldn't follow...but it did. I stopped drinking alcohol, but I'm still popping pills like no other. I'm entirely opposite of who I was years ago, I'm not on the med but reclusive & socially awkward again. I just feel dead inside.