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I have lost 40 pounda in about 4 months. I still want lose another 25 pounds. Aftee losing the initial weight I need to tone my body (loose skin). How do I do this? Lose the additional 25? Tone? At home exercises, gym routines, foids to avoid, maximum calories, workout videos, all of it. Help!!!!! Oh btw I am a female, weigh 137 pounds, and 5'2". Please keep it "simple stupid" LOL


Hello bazinga,

Congratulations to you on your weight loss and I have no doubt that you will lose another 25 pounds.  However, you now have loose skin.  This isn't unusual when you lose a lot of weight quickly.  Your excess skin hasn't had enough time to be absorbed.  This will take some time.  Put some moisturizers on you skin to keep it healthy and supple and you'll just have to wait.  If you had lost 100 to 200 pounds chances are you would have to have some of that skin surgically removed.  At my age I often diet to lose 25 pounds and if find I have lose skin on the upper part of my arms.  I exercise to build muscle which will fill in some of that and the rest I just have to wait till it it gets absorbed.