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So my last period was abnormally light (like all I really needed to do was go to bathroom and wipe instead of using feminine products) with the worst cramping I have ever had in my life. As of right now I am not late...yet. Since about two weeks after that I started with most severe mood swings I have ever had, extreme nausea (non-stop) Heart-burn that started over a week ago (again non-stop). Then this week back aches, diarrhea, dry heaves with mucousy excretion, more watery CM than usual, headaches, disoriented feeling, stabbing in breast and tenderness in breasts, some dizziness, increase in thirst (like unquenchable even after finishing a half gallon of liquid in 3 hrs time). This past Monday I had an ultrasound done due to other medical reasons, the ultrasound tech was confused as there is a fluid filled sac in my uterine lining and said that tends to only show up in pregnant  women, the radiologist read the fluid filled sac as an "unspecified fluid filled sac in the endometrial lining." So my question is, is it possible that I am pregnant or that my body is playing tricks on me since I very much want to have a child of my own? This situation is compounded by the fact that I had a uterine ablation and tubal ligation over two years ago and was left with a less than 1% chance of ever conceiving :-( (procedures done due to other medical reasons that have since resolved themselves since being off birth control, had I known then what I know now, I would have done things sooooo differently:'( ) Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond or who has had something similar.

PS- Scared to take HPT as I am not late...yet and so afraid of disappointment.


I am not a doctor and I think that you should talk to a doctor. It is possible you could have endometriosis but I am not sure and from what I know about that an ultrasound is unlikely to spot it. It could be a pregnancy or a false pregnancy. My sister in law had one of those. I would say that you should talk to your doctor about it and if you do become late you should take a test. Also Just because you have not missed a period does not mean you are not pregnant. some women have regular bleeding through their pregnancy. Have you also considered looking up your symptoms to see if there are other explainations for what you may be experiancing? I wish you the best and I really hope that you find an answer. post on here if you find something out.