Hi have genital herpes, but I have not had many episodes in the last 5 years.  Currently I have very lage welts on my scrotom, with an intense burning and itching.  I am not sure what is causing these welts, but there are a few factors in play.  I recently went hiking in the hills and I do have some poison oak on other parts of my body, I also recently shaved some of the hair in my genital area.  I applied a cortisone cream and take a very hot shower, and now along with the welts on my scrotom, my penis swelled up really bad.  Not sure if what I am experiencing is due to poison oak, shaving, corisone cream, or a combinbation of these.  Do not feel very comfortable going to a doctor for this so wanted to wait and see how it does in the next few days.  Also I get some relief when I shower with extremely hot water on the area, not sure if I am making it worse by doing so, but the swelling sure does seem to get worse when I do.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.