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I seem to be cursed when it comes to my legs. Ever since I began shaving I've gotten razor bumps and ingrown hairs, to the point where I cant wear shorts or go swimming. They look like tons of little pimples. With a lot of effort I can sometimes manage this problem. But, just recently I moved to DC from AZ and every time I shave in the shower my legs itch HORRIBLY afterwards. This only happens when I shave but it is nearly unbearable and lasts about an hour. I try not to pass the razor over an area of my leg more than once and I've tried switching soaps as well as in shower hair removal cremes. I shave my whole body and my legs are the only parts effected. I do take very hot showers, though, and they're usually on the long side.
I just can't deal with this problem. The razor bumps were bad enough but this itching is almost too much to take. Shaving everyday used to be a good way to minimize the razor bumps, but now with the itching I can't bring myself to do it. This condition is so stressful/depressing. I'm a young girl and I just want to wear skirts/short/bikinis with all my other friends. I've googled this and see a lot of people deal with this same kind of thing, but usually there are some key differences. Is there anyone that can better relate to my situation? I'm thinking about buying tend skin, but I'm a little wary.


So this started happening after your move?

Maybe the water is harder or softer than your previous residence.

It might take some time to get used to.

I remember that when I moved out of my parents home for college and then returned months later, the water irritated my face when I shaved.

You might need to see a dermatologist.