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Hello, guys. I will start probably next week with my yoga classes. I am little afraid of all those stretching and bending and I would like to ask which the easiest yoga poses for beginners are. What would you recommend? Thanks for all your replies, guys. Your help means a lot to me.


Hello, there. If your yoga instructor is good, there is no place for fear. He will show you basic poses. I can recommend you few. Standing and Sitting Position is one of them. Supine and Prone position is also for beginners. Neck Movement (Kanthasanchalana) increases flexibility of neck muscles. Hand Movement (Hastasanchalana) increases the flexibility of shoulders and arms. Leg Movement (Padasanchalana) is similar, but for legs. Don’t try to learn everything in the beginning. There will be time.


Hi  delano872,

You shouldn’t be experiencing any fear but on the contrary you should be excited because you are starting something new. Yoga is great discipline which has a goal to balance your mental and physical condition. This is done through the serious of various positions.

Beginners always feel a little bit like outsiders because some time is needed to learn all the moves and all the positions. But don’t be alarmed because of this. Your yoga instructor will show you everything you need to know. Also don’t go hungry on the practice but eat two hours before and also don’t forget to take water with you because you will need it for sure. Keep us posted how it all went.




Here are the some easiest poses for beginners.
1.Lotus Pose.
2.Easy Pose.
3.Tada Asana.
5.Markat asana.
6.Uttanpada asana.
7.Rotation asanas.
8.Cobra pose.
9.Camel Pose.
10.Head to Knee Pose.

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