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hi i had my last period n late feb and on march 8 i started what i thought was my period again. but this time it only lasted 2 days.i started to feel sick, i had the vomiting, lower back pains, all the signs of being pregnant. so i took 4 home tests 2 each wm and they all waa negative .so i went to my doc got blood work and still a negative result. but i still dnt have my period and i still have the signs of being pregnant ..please help me.


If you are 8 weeks late and still getting negatives on pregnancy tests and blood test there is a slim chance you are pregnant. Sometimes your body and mind can play tricks on you to make you think you are pregnant. I would say wait it out till you get your period or go back to the doctor and see what he can do for you. Because if you are pregnant it Will show up in your blood. Its is very rare that it wouldn't. If you need your mind at ease i would go to your doctor and request and ultrasound because maybe there is something else wrong with why you are not getting your period like maybe a cyst??? I was 2 weeks late before it showed up on a home pregnancy test. But the best bet is go back to your doctor and see what he think! For example my last period was on feb 4th i didn't show positive on a HPT till march 25th so which means i ovulated way later than i thought because i am only 4-5 weeks pregnant. Keep trying and go to the doctors :)