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I had recenlty had an abortion im 20 years old, and got pregnant off the evera patch so it was an unplanned pregnancy, me and my boyfriend jsut werent ready, they told me about certain normal side effects but dotn really understand the terms, i am having a little bit of complications i guess you could say, and im tryign to figure out what it is, so if anyone can tell me the side effects or what these terms mean would be greatly appreciated! Cervical Laceration< Placental,Uteral or cervical infection or rupture<and hemorrhage,
Thanks a lot :-D %-)



Cervical Laceration- When they perform an abortion, there is a less than 1% chance during an EARLY abortion that they will tear your cervix. If this happens simple repairs are done right away, this complcation is not MAJOR.

< Placental,Uteral or cervical infection- WITH ANY surgery, including boob jobs, and wisdom teeth extraction, INFECTIONS can happen. Antibiotics after these surgeries PREVENTS infection.
YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU HAD AN INFECTION. YOU would run a high fever, and have discharge that had a FOULD ODOR.

rupture- EXTREMELY RARE and DEADLY complication. Your uterus "RUPTURES", basically it kind of explodes/breaks.(this is not a meidcal term, but I want you to understand what rupture means) . This is more common with a medical abortion due to the stimulation of the uterus.

<and hemorrhage- MEANS you start bleeding and will not stop. Basically, after an abortion if you SOAK more than 2 PADS AN HOUR, it is considered a hemmorhage.