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Hi, I would like to have an abortion, but I need to know about possible complications. What are risks of abortion?


Before it was legalized, abortion could be dangerous to woman’s health and even life. Many women would get infected, since abortion was performed by uneducated persons with dangerous potions and instruments. But, today abortion is a safe surgical operation. Still certain complications could occur. Early abortions, before 12th week, are safe and quick with low complication rate. Anyway, only your doctor can decide how safe the abortion is for you, taking into account all specific information about your health condition.


Hi there.. I have had an abortion, and I work in an abortion clinic.

The CDC has information which states that abortion is 10 times safer than childbirth, and your chances of dying during an abortion before 12 weeks are less than 1%.

Thanks to the safety of legalized abortion, and highly trained doctors whom have to answer to the state, baoriton is very safe.

Complications that could happen, but rarely do-

Heavy bleeding that will not stop(hemmorhage)
cervical tear
uterine tears
reaction to anesthesia

If you would like more info about abortion, and learn where there are clinics at..I am not allowed to link, so feel free to add the www yourself...

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