Hi, I am a college student, my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and do foreplay and oral but have made a committment to not have sex at least until we are engaged.

I'm on birth control and regularly take doses of vitamin C throughout the day (which is known to thicken cervical mucous/help prevent pregnancy/cause miscarriage), regularly drink energy drinks containing Guanine (also known to help with infertility/miscarriage/exc.), and consume large quantities of caffiene/moderate amounts of alcohol. I've researched some herbal methods of contraception and often drink parsely tea (which makes the uterus hostile) and consume parsely/other herbs that help prevent pregnancy.

Other than condoms/abstinance what are some other preventative measures I could take to further prevent pregnancy or cause infertility? We do not plan on having children and if we do we want to adopt.