im a 46 yr old male who was addicted to heroin for most of my adult life.i started using at 18 and continued until i was about 40 i know now it was self mutilation. i also smoked pot and ciggarettes all this time but didnt drink.i joined a methadone clinic about 8 yrs ago and was able to control my illicit drug use and maintain a relatively low dose of mehtadone since. 60mg. a day. the program allowed me to maintain some sort of control over my life becouse i wasnt chasing drugs anymore except for the pot which i only quit smoking about two months ago. about five yrs ago i was told to check my liver for hep c cause it came up in a blood sample which totally blew me councilor at the clinic told my not to fret cause most people with that desease lived to be 80 without problems and that he had it too so i didnt worry. i consentrated on a glass business that i was starting at the time and forgot or denied myself to persue the issue. now its been about 6 yrs and im going through an ugly divorce. i was invited out by friends to a bar to cheer me up and drank very heavily that night and for about a few days after. no drugs though. and ive been feeling a pretty bad pain in my liver area.(right mid abdomin or under my right rib cage)ive bought milk thistle and have been drinking a lot of cranberry juice. im not sure what to do cause although i own a small glass company i couldnt afford health insurance.(my ex spend more money on things than i ever spent on drugs) no im alone and broke and although sober my finances are in ruins. is there anything i can try over the counter. before i die on a stretcher at some emergency room for lack of coverage? thanks for any helpful advice and i understand that i did this to myself and am very regretful for a life sqaundered.