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Hello. I’m 45-year-old man and few days ago, I’ve lifting some furniture around my flat and I felt cramp in some of my abdominal muscles. This lasted for a couple of minutes and it disappeared.
Couple of days later I felt some pain located in my lower front abdomen wall.
I new this is consequence of my hard lifting the other day.
It is very hard for me to flex the muscle because of this pain. Stretching is almost impossible.
I can believe some trivial cause like usual muscle cramp can be reason for such strong pains.
I new that hard lifting can cause inguinal hernia but abdominal pains?
Did anybody have similar problems?


I had similar problems like you and I can say that it is a very common.
I understand you are surprised but abdominal muscles can be injured all thou it is very rear situation.
Abdominal muscle strains usually cause immediate pain in the area of the injured muscle.
It can be hard to flex the muscle because of this pain.
The other common symptom is muscle spasm of the injured muscle.
A muscle strain occurs when the muscle is stretched too far.
Doctor told me the real cause is microscopic tears of muscle fibers within the muscle.
You are probably suffering form injury of rectus abdominis muscle.
Treatment of abdominal muscle injuries is difficult because there is no possible way to completely rest those muscles. They are active even when you sleep.
Application of ice locally on muscle and gentile stretching can be very helpful!