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%-) why do people snore and what can help aleviate snoring?


People snore when various flaps of skin and the palate in the back of the mouth vibrate while breathing. The more relaxed they are, the easier the snore becomes.

Some people find that the use of "Breathe Right" adheasive strips to hold the nostrils open more will help keep breathing passages open. They are probably the cheapest solution.

However, the medical community has become enamored with all sorts of headrests and harnesses to hold the breathing tubes open and some sport oxygen tubes or blowing a stream of cool air into the nose all night long to prevent sleep apnea.

Since a prominent sports figure dropped dead not long ago, it was determined that he suffered from sleep apnea and so the medical community has been following the investigation of his death quite closely and using it as a springboard to discuss the possibility of this condition with their patients. (Can you tell that we just got the lecture last week?)

Anyway, try the "Breathe right nasal strips" at your drug store and see if that helps. If not, just jab him in the ribs and have him roll over.