Hey everyone, I recently found this site and I love how anonymous everyone is so I decided to test it by the biggest problem I have. You see my brother went to jail and his wife has been taking care of him. I love his wife so much, she is so nice. I liked her so much that I started going to her house for weekends. On this specific night, her family was having a party and she wanted me to come but I had never met many people on her side of the family. When we got to the party they were a lot of people but the one that stood out to me was her brother and at the time was 18. I was 13. The reason he stood out was because for one he was really sexy and also I would always catch him staring at me. He would whisper things in his sister ear pointing at me and so on. One of the things their mom talk about with me is my figure and how perfect it is. This didnt make me feel weird at all. But I noticed when she said it, he looked at me from across the room from head to toe. We've had a couple of conversations but it's hard to tell if he likes me. I would have on a skirt or anything that's shows my legs and he would look at them. One time I caught his staring at them for a long time so I jokingly looked directly into his eyes and he would stare into mine for no more that 3 seconds then he rushes away. when I first walk into a room he would try to hug me and I don't like hugs so I told him not to hug me and he started to laugh. Minutes later another guy my age came in and he reached for a without warning so I hugged him back. The other guy got mad and asked why I hugged him instead himself and he reached and hugged me anyways. I didn't think it was a big issue, maybe he was just being friendly but it has been going on for a long time, WITH AND WITHOUT being with his girlfriend this behavior still continued. I wasn't to worried about it until he turned 19 and I am currently 14 and this is still going on. I'm not sure what to do now. What do I say to him? do I ask if he's flirting with me? Is it weird if I like it? am I supposed to like it? I fantasize and masturbate about being dominated by him alot so I needed an outside opinion. I know this is long but can someone read all of this and tell me what to do or think?