I have recently started training for a marathon. I have been taking it pretty slow and being patient.

I began running 2 miles, then 3, and so on. I have finally gotten up to my longer runs of 10 miles. That is the longest I have gone so far.

I have a pain in both of my legs on the inside. About 8-10 inches above my ankle in between my calf muscle and my bone. You know you can run your fingers up the inside almost put your finger between the bone and muscle.

after I start running the pain goes away, but if i even stop for 10 seconds it hurts really bad. And when I finish a run, it hurts so bad that you can not even touch it. I mean I will scream it hurts so bad.

I have asked several people if they know whats wrong and no one does. I'm thinking I may have a stress fracture? I have no ideas.

I have not ran now for about a week and a half trying to let things heal, but ive tried just running down the street and it still hurts.

Can someone help me please??