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Hello, I just woke up this morning and looked at my right armpit, when I come upon these two tiny holes, (it seems like), it doesn't hurt or anything, but it looks very odd, and I've being looking on google for answers, but it's all so confusing, the closets I got to thinking this might be is perhaps hidradenitis suppurativa? not sure, should I go to the doctor, or can I treat this now. Thanks for any help, if I don't see this go away I will end up going to the doctor.


You should definitely go see your doctor, too many people attempt to self diagnose using google images, all this does is lead to stress and worry when you think you could have something serious but you do not know for sure, you must get professional diagnoses from your doctor. However if you do think it is hidradenitis Suppurativa or it turns out to be that there are many treatment options available


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