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hi,me and my gf living together we have planned for a baby,but when i put in then i take long time & my gf become tired all the times,she wants me to discharge quickly but what i can do, one thing is that my penis skin is not take off yet,may be this is the reason i take long time or is it necessary to become a girl pregnenant penis skin is far away from the sperm hole can direct contact with vagina,plz guide me proper.she feel pain all the timesplease suggest me what i do now plz???????????


Do you have foreplay at all before sex? If not make sure you both have at least 15 minutes each to become aroused enough and ready for sex. 

Do you mean that you are uncircumcised? if so you should retract your foreskin to the base of your penis and then put it in.

If she is uncomfortable with the friction, try getting a natural personal lubricant and putting a couple drops on your fingers and lubing her up.

It might be easier to manually masturbate until you are very close and then continue on to ejaculation after putting your penis inside.

I hope this helps :)