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Good day,

Can you tell me is 5 – factor diet a FAD diet? Just one more? I hope it is not! I mean, whatever I found and whatever I like, it must be FAD, or scam, or something must be wrong with it! It is kind of annoying and I have tried everything and anything on this world.

Do you follow this one? If you do, can you tell me am I right or am I wrong?

Please, do not crush my dreams with positive answer :) Lol.

I want to try this one, because I have heard that it is amazing, but now I am not so sure anymore. Thank you!

Best wishes! 



Well it is hard to answer on this question, if you ask me. I must say that it depends, and it depends from a lot of different factors. I am not sure how to answer you on this question to be satisfied with it. I think that we all believe that some diet is a FAD when someone want to use it because someone else is following it. But, I don’t believe that all of them are a FAD diets. I know that this one is OK, and that actually works for a lot of years.

I would like to find out that as well. Anyone?




I don't know, eating five meals per day seems a lot for me. I mean, I can't eat that much, I don't know about you. I have heard as well that this diet is a FAD or crash diet, you can call it whatever you want! I believe that some diet we call a fad because it is very easy to stop following it. I think that is the same case with 5 – factor diet program. And, this is not just case about this diet, it is about bunch of other one. I believe that you can be good and prove that this diet is not a FAD just if you follow it until the end.

That is my opinion about this. Good luck!