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Good day,

I was thinking so much about this 5 factor diet and I know that this one is good, that it has almost everything that we need in one meal, but I am not sure how anybody can eat five meals per day. I mean, while I was on this diet program, I couldn’t eat so many meals, I have to be honest. Four meals was enough when I was in the mood to eat :)

What do you think? Do you think that five meals in 5 – factor diet are too much to eat per one day?



Hi you,

Yes, I do! I would never be able to eat more than three meals per day. I don’t know how someone can respect that? Sometimes, I have to eat at force my third meal because I am not just able to eat that much. Maybe if two meals are just one fruit that would be just fine. Other vise, no way :) I was on this diet, and I still make some meals, I still follow some recipes from 5 – factor diet, but five meals are just too much for me.

Maybe somebody else has other opinion :)

Feel free to tell us?

Bye bye 



I don’t agree with you :)

Everyone can eat five healthy meals per one day if you are organized :) Let’s be realistic, no one has enough time to think about food, but you must to do that, because your health is the most important. If you make some schedule, you will be able to eat five meals. For example, first meal before you go to work, around 7- 8 am, second meal around 12, third meal around 2 pm, forth meal around 6 pm and fifth meal you eat around 9 pm. That is just an example, you can made totally different one.

But, portions are not big in  this diet program.

You can do anything!