Ok here's the story. I've had problems with my nose for a very long time. It's always stuffed, sometimes one sided. There's nothing I can do to fix it. There is no post-nasal drip.

At first, I went to the emergency room (had no personal doctor at the time) and the doctor did an X-ray. He told me there was a liquid buildup in my maxillary sinuses. He prescribed flonase (sorry, I don't know the generic term for it). I took it for some time with no relief.

A few months later, I finally found a family doctor and I went to him with the same problem. He looked over my X-ray and concluded it was not sinuses, but an allergic thing. He prescribed a similar medicine and again, nothing.

Here's the thing. When I blow my nose, the mucus comes out bloody, black, brown, and solid. It's very strange. It's usually big chunks. This, along with the fact that the X-ray showed problems in the maxillary sinus, is making me think it's a fungal infection.

Can anybody help? An opinion maybe?