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My EDD is October 22,and my doctor stated  that I conceived on 27 of January exactly. Not day before or after that!  However I am curious when/what day did insemination took place?!  Was I careing my partners egg before day of conceiving or......?! I'm totally confused with reading articles w same or similar topics and with totally different answers or prognosis! And also if I conceived on 27th of January, how come my doctor counts that for 15 weeks of pregnancy?!  

                                     In addvance, 

                                Thank you very much......                


Hi Tara,

When did your last period START?  That will help narrow down the date - but no matter what your doctor says NO ONE can pinpoint the date exactly.  It varies.  That's just human nature.

Normally you take your last period start date and add 40 weeks to calculate your due date.  Working backwards that gives January 16 as when your LMP started.

You'd normally ovulate between 11-16 days after that - again, we can't know when after the fact.  The egg can only be fertilized for about 48 hours after ovulation.  After that, it's dead.

Sperm can survive up to about 5 days - max.

The likely time frame then would be that if you had sex between about January 27 - February 2 you could have gotten pregnant.

15 weeks as of today would be January 30.  With a January 16 LMP start and 11-16 days after for fertilization to occur, the timing is about right.

Again, these are all estimates.  Even an ultrasound CAN NOT tell you exactly when anything happened.  Your doctor CAN NOT tell you with 100% certainty either.  Unfortunately, most doctors think they know everything.

Good luck.  Hope it helps.



Hey there,medic-dan thank u so much on ur not just fast, but also very educative reply.....your post was very helpful and gave me so much clearer picture of all the confusing theories on when did, exactly, I got preganant and what day was my ovulation! Anyhow, my last period started on 16 and finished already on 17,which was very unusual for my period are usually very heavy (Cuz of POS) and last between 5 -7 days, and this time it was more spoting..... However, on March 21 when she preformed my first ultrasound Dr told me that Ultrasound is always accurate and that I am(was) 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant, not more than that! Medic-den Thank u so much on ur reply and I apologize for not responding earlier to ur answer!