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I am really confussed and would need some help. When are you supposed to take the long acting insulin? In the morning? Before or after breakfast? Should it be supplement with the shorter acting insulin after meals? Do you have to take the long-acting insulin before going to bed? I have been a diabetic on tabletes for the last 5 years and my doctor is thinking about putting me on insulin.... Any info is appreciated


You shouldn't worry about the insulin regime. Your doctor will recommend when to take your insulin shot.  Most generally, the longer acting insulin will be given at night before bedtime.  It doesn't have peak which means it should work at a pretty consistent level as it works in your body.  Sometimes shorter acting insulin is used around mealtimes.  There are some diabetics that need to check their blood glucose level to see if they need to take a small amount of regular insulin.  This insulin acts quickly so food must be eaten shortly thereafter.  I hope this gives you a general idea of what to expect.  Are there others who would like to share their experience?  How much insulin and what kind do you take?