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Hi all,


I am white and in my late twenties. I have these white patches of skin on the head of my penis, mostly round the bango string! not spots or dots, though it did start like that. And along the foreskin edge, When my foreskin is up and only the 'eye' is showing the only small area visible is totally clear of any sort of patch or dot, I have tried Canisten but to no avail.


I went to my Doctor (In London, England) 3 years ago and he refused to look at it saying all men have it, then I went back a year later, same thing, 


I went again 8 months ago and a diff doc said there is nothing you can do about it, however it is speading.


also some of the skin comes off from time to time, otherwise it is painless, it is not good and my wife wants me to get it sorted ASAP,


Any ideas would be much appreciated!




I have no idea.


Look it up, you'll soon find the answer you seek.