One doctor said it is almost certainly NOT my heart because of the previous negative investigations, carry on with exercise, two others said it almost certainly IS, in spite of them - because of the absolutely typical nature of the pain, plus risk factors - be very careful how I exercise. What I do know is that exercise triggers the chest pain. I'll see how things are later in the week as regards a gentle visit to the gym - walking to work etc. at present.

I usually really like Dr T, but when I spoke to him on the phone today and told him about Wednesday I felt I was being completely brushed off and treated as if I am neurotic. I'd like to think it IS indigestion, but have very strong doubts.

Still, minimal discomfort on brisk walking only today, none yesterday. I'll be glad when tomorrow morning is over and I know what they say about the prospect of teeth.

On a better note - 11 stone - if I lose one more pound it will mean I have less than a stone to lose!