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I am very stressed these days due to the fact that i am 13 weeks pregnant and unsure of who the dad is...I had my period from 4-20/-4-24.I had protected sex on 4/24 and im very sure that the condom was used correctly and there was no leakage or tears.On 5/1-5/3 i was intimate each of those days which was unprotected sex.I am pretty sure i ovulated on the 4th of may as i was using an app to help me conceive.I had a positive pregnancy test on 5/21st.The timing is pointing to the man i had unprotected sex with and obviously the chance that its his is much higher...But the fact that i was also intimate with someone else the week prior the doubt is still there.Is it even possible to get pregnant the day your period ends on top of the fact i condom was used idk...but id appreciate some educated responses thanks alot.


Hi Guest,

You had sex on day 4 of your cycle.  You normally don't ovulate until sometime between days 11-16.  Sperm can remain viable for up to about 5 days max.  It was VERY likely too early for you to get pregnant - there was no egg to fertilize and you used protection.

Having sex on May 1-3, days 11-13, would be near peak fertility.  He is likely the father - almost 100% guaranteed.

Hope it helps.  A DNA test can confirm.