An effective workplace health and safety training is important for eliciting quality work from employees. A well-structured safety-training program will be a combination of both theory and practical sessions. Training sessions make employees grasp the health and safety concepts much faster and equip them with necessary skills for maintaining workplace safety.
IOSH stands for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. iosh make recommendations to governments and International Organizations like the UN for enacting new health and safety laws. IOSH is one of the top health and safety course providers. Their courses can be taken by anyone who finds trouble with common workplace health and safety hazards. IOSH is the world’s biggest health and safety organization with over 40,000 members working in different quarters of the world. Their mission is to wipe out health and safety issues from workplaces across the globe. There are many accredited training institutions providing IOSH courses across different parts of the world.
Managers, staffs, and health and safety advisers often take up IOSH training programs. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide health and safety training for employees. This is his legal obligation and in case the employer fails to offer training and safety facilities to the employees, he/she is liable to be prosecuted under the charge of violation of health and safety norms.