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In the past few weeks I've been having to urinate so often. It usually comes out a lot of urine and I always have the urge to urinate right after I wake up or in the middle of the night when trying to fall asleep. I'm 20 years old and just had a blood test to see if it had something to do with diabetes but the tests were all normal and he said I was lacking vitamin d which I'm taking supplements for. I also don't have any other diabetes diseases such as type 1. I've also been getting extremely fatigue and occasionally dizzy and recently been having headaches a about two weeks after I had this. I'm concerned the urinating problem has been causing all this. So what could be the cause of this constant urinating? Could it be anxiety or stress? I did go through major depression and stress even having slight panic attacks a few weeks ago.


Could be a wee infection because it CAN cause a lot of weeing or suddenly wetting yourself out of no where, i had this when i was a kid and i wouldn't feel it till it suddenly just came out, couldn't stop it because i didn't feel it in my bladder, bladder or even kidney stones can cause these problems, stones on the kidneys definitely can cause headaches and dizzyess, also if your female infections of the utethra can cause contant peeing but these all come from urinary tract infections too.