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Im 15 girl ,i have this problem for 3 years now that when i sneeze i leak some pee and some times i suddenly wanna pee,and i also wet my bed,for the record that i use to have urinate infliction when i was young , so should i go to the doctor,please any one have any idea tell me because i get embraced for this problem in school ,and i cant sleepover or visiting some one.


Hello rainbowdat,

it sounds to me like you might have problem with nocturnal enuresis (night-time bed wetting), but since this problem is also happening during the day, it would be the best if you could see an urologist and most likely a neurologist to determine if your problem is caused by physical reasons, like weakened pelvic floor or bladder problems, or if you're experiencing this because of the psychological reasons. In most cases when this happens the cause is somewhere in the middle between physiological and psychological reasons, so the treatment usually has to focus on both areas,

Wish you all the best, Nicole