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Hello, folks. My sister would like to be a vegetarian, but who eats fish. I think this is called pescetarianism. I would like to know something more about this. Why do you think it is good to be pescetarian? I would like to hear all your opinions about this. Thank you for replying to my post.


Hello, there. Pescetarians are considered to be semi-vegetarians. They eat vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and fish. Some people consider pescetarianism as a transitional phase to vegetarianism or veganism. The main health benefit is based on excluding the red meat from your diet. Red meat is full with high amount of saturated fats. On the other hand, fish raises the blood levels of HDL cholesterol which is good. Some fish is also rich with omega 3 fatty acids that work as anti-oxidants. I hope this helps. Bye!


Hi, I'm a Pescetarian. I was vegetarian for a year, but I really liked missed my sushi, and I really wanted some convenience in my life.

Fish is almost always an option, whereas vegetarianism and veganism is usually harder to get in restaurants.

But besides:

1. Convenience; It's not my only reason for my new dietary choice:

2. Health-All the oils and low fat protein, etc.

3. I can't kill a cow. Could you? They are adorable....I hate pork all ready, and I can't snap a chickens neck.....I can fish, however. Something about leaving the mammals alone makes me feel better about myself, cause I'm not killing any mammals. I know I'm killing fish, but:

a. I'm all ready saving a hell of a lot of killing and suffering on my behalf

b. I don't feel as emotionally guilty about killing marine's not a mammal. A little stupid, I know...but we all gotta eat something!

4. Fish is great for weight loss lifestyles, and still gives me things that vegetarian diets lack.

5. Giving up mammal meat was really easy for me. I never missed it. My face thinned out, probably lost 15 pounds in the first month without trying, and I wasn't tired, lethargic and heavy feeling all the time.

6. Look up Pescetarian, Vegetarian & Creatine on They are pretty thorough. The only thing I've learned over the last year is talked about in the creatine article. I was a bit slow, weaker, etc...supplementation has fixed that greatly! And it's some interesting information about how it relates to meatless diets.



My opinion:

It's healthier than a strictly omnivorous diet, but it actually IS an omnivorous diet to an extent.

Fish is meat, so if one eats fish, one eats meat... it is better than shoveling down pounds of meat, of course, but why not just go vegetarian? :-)