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can you tell me what are the main differences between fruitarianism and veganism? What are the similarities?

I know that these two diet programs are basically the same because only vegetarian will follow it. But, is there a main difference between consuming only fruits and only vegetables?

Which program is healthier? Raw food, animal products– seems so same to me :)

Which diet program is better, what to try?

I really would like if someone can tell me more about this diet programs.

Maybe one of these is actually dangerous and can harm my health?

Tell me about it.

Good night! 



it is a great question, it is not silly at all! There are a lot of different things in these two diet programs. Technically, both are for vegetarians. But, vegans eat much better and healthier food than fruitarians. Fruitarians eat ONLY raw food, and it can be dangerous. So, these are very different diets. The biggest difference is their stance on grains and vegetables.

Fruitarians can suffer from high fruit intake, there is a lot of sugar. Fruits are naturally high in sugars, you know that.

So, the risk to harm your health is much higher if you are a fruitarians.



Hi there,

it is simple :) A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, and a fruitarian is a subset of vegetarians but they don't eat vegetables and wheat as well.

But, you need to know that loving fruit does not mean that you should be one of the fruitarians.

I think that fruitarianism can't be that healthy because of sugars in fruit. Sometimes, eating only fruits can lead you to the diabetes.

So, there is not a lot of wisdom in it : fruitarianism is about eating fruits and veganism is about eating vegetables :)

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