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For those of you who bike at all: Since I can only do non-weight bearing activity for awhile, is a stationary bike helpful?

I have a bike that lets me do various levels, various "terrain" and measures my heart rate.

Also: how does stationary biking compare to real-world biking? Will I still be at the bottom of the pile when I get on a real bike or will the stationary bike actually do some good toward preparing me for the real bike?


Yes, of course it will be help full.

It will go a long way towards you bike fitness when you get a 'real' bike. The only down side is it is still an approximation of gravity (hills) and wind etc.


A stationary bike will help, but it won't match up very well to getting outside and riding.

Traffic, wind, hills (both up and down), curves. There's a lot to road riding that you just can't get on a stationary bike.

They are nice though because

a) You can ride in the A/C.
b) no traffic
c) you can control the 'terrain'
d) you don't have to leave home
e) no flats


When my mom and I both have been in rehab at various points for assorted knee issues, we were both ordered to get on the stationary bike. Of course we both took it much further and now do crazy things like ride around the state...but I digress ;) I think its a really really good exercise, not too much resistance (or you can control it anyway) and keeps you strong.

I don't know what your restrictions are, but if you get stronger or are able now, try a spin class, its the closest thing I've found to training on the bike. Great workout. Rivals a good run with speedwork.