Hi Im 12 going on 13 and I'm new to this whole thing. But I don't see a counselor so this is my new outlet. Basically my parents were divorced this year and I thought it was the end of the world. I was 11 when they told me and I felt awful. I spent my whole summer in bed watching TV and sleeping but somehow managed to stay regular weight. This year it was official and I was devastated. Reality started to set in that I live in a broken home. Things have gotten somewhat better since then but not really. I'm really shy and I get made fun of a lot and people always stare at me in a bad way. I think a lot about suicide (more than usual) and its become part of my daily routine. I often think if I go it won't matter because everyone focuses on my sister and never the quiet kid. I've never cut just thought about it. I'm sometimes happy but soon after get depressed again. The divorce is a big part of my life now and it controls my thoughts no matter how hard I try to forget. I don't take counseling even though I should. I just want someone who knows my situation to talk to. Thanks