I have started just yesterday feeling an odd ache in the front right side of my neck.  I would almost relate it to a sore throat type of feeling, since I've recently had a lot of drainage and coughing from a cold...exept my throat feels absolutely fine.  I have no difficulties with swallowing or talking or anything.  I only notice the ache in certain positions, more if I'm exerting myself in a forward position, like in the process of standing up or leaning over for something.  It's not a real intense pain, just very dull.  That was the only symptom, until today I notice quite a bit of head pressure, all the way up on the top of my head (not in the front, like i would expect from a sinus infection).  I regularly have neck/upper back issues, and it's not pain or a headache that feels like its caused from those.  This is a completely new feeling, as most of my symptoms are usually on the back of my neck.  This feeling isn't even really wrapping around, it's just right off the center of my neck (on the side of my trachea, originating around the cartilage).  I can't tell if it is actually the muscle, or a nerve, or maybe something around the artery?  My coworker, a nurse, just took my blood pressure - normal at 120/70.  Another thing I'm worried about more with this symptom is a small nodule right above the cartilage, dead center on my neck.  I thought it was a large pimple at first, tried "popping it" and got very little pus out, more blood.  It's now completely healed and normal skin colored, but has well defined "edges" where I can grab on to it under the skin.  It is maybe the size of a pencil eraser under my skin.  The neck pain is just barely to the right and below this; I probably wouldn't have been concerned about either symptom, except they are occurring at roughly the same time.  Any ideas from anyone?